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mining machine sizes and feed size jamaica

theworlds biggest mining excavators

The machine weighs in at 498t and is available for both shovel loading and backhoe operations. The crawler length is 9.23m and the undercarriage width is 7m. The Bucyrus RH 340/RH 340-B has a shovel and backhoe bucket capacity of 34m³

vibrating grizzly feeders- goldminingequipment

Feed Size Slope Grizzly Screen Stage Opening Aperture (mm.) Length (mm./inch) Width (mm./inch) Capacity (tph/yd³) GFV-6C: 1500: 300: 2-6: 10: 1: 25: 59.06: 11.81: 1.8-5.4: GFV-10C: 1200: 400: 6 – 10: 10: 1: 25: 47.24: 15.75: 5.40-9.0: GFV-12C: 1500: 400: 10-12: 10: 1: 25: 59.06: 15.75: 9.0-10.8: GFV-15C: 2000: 400: 10-15: 10: 1: 25: 78.74: 15.75: 5.4-18.0: GFV-20C-A: 2000: 400: 6-20: 10: 1: 25: 78.74: 15.75: 5.4 …

p&h 4100xpc electric rope shovel - surface mining

P&H 4100XPC. Nominal payload of 108.9 mt (120 st) Nominal dipper capacity of 52.8 to 61.2 m 3 (69 to 82 yd. 3) Ideal for loading 218 to 363 mt (240 to 400 st) haul trucks and high capacity (8000 tph+) in-pit crusher-conveyor systems. Proven, consistent high machine availability of at least 90%. Optimized dipper geometry for increased fill factors

crushing products size and shape -what to expect

Metallurgical ContentCrusher-Setting, Product-SizePrimary Crusher ProductCurves for Screened FeedClosed-Circuit Product AnalysisSquare Openings VS Round I have made a number of general remarks regarding the character of product delivered by crushers of various types, and under different conditions of operation. Generalities are of value only if we have some standard to which comparisons …

development drill rigs&miningjumbos for optimal

Sandvik DD210 is a single-boom, electro-hydraulic mining development drill rig engineered for use in tunneling and mining development in cross sections up to 24 square meters. This mining jumbo, with a robust universal boom that offers optimum-shaped coverage, 360-degree rotation and automatic parallelism, provides fast, easy feed positioning and accurate face drilling

briquetting machines & applications

Our machines can be tailored to your specific applications and are capable of handling sizes as small as 5 lbs (lab size), up to 60 tons (production-machine size) per hour. Key features of KOMAREK briquetting, compaction and granulation machines: Horizontal and vertical feed for screw or gravity feed options ; Custom sizes and shapes for pockets ;

ore sorting:efficiently optimisethe treatment of ores in

The sorting machine processes material in grain sizes from 25 to 75 mm with an average Cr₂O₃ content of 13 to 18% and generates a product with over 38% Cr₂O₃ content. Further sorting machines will shortly be installed to increase production

kiln vs flash calciner- flsmidth

Concentrate produced via dense media separation (DMS) often results in feed size from 3mm to as large as 12mm or sometimes larger. This PSD is too large for a suspension calciner and so the rotary kiln system is better suited for these concentrates

optimum choiceof the make-up ball sizesfor maximum

Sep 01, 2013 · For the feed size of 90% passing 18.9 mm ( Fig. 6 a), the maximum capacity was obtained with 100% of a make-up ball size of 50.8 mm. As the feed size is reduced to 13.4 mm, a 62:38 mix of 50.8 mm and 25.4 mm balls was found to be the optimum mix

types of drilling methods used inmining| boring |mining

Feed of upto 1.2 m is possible with the use of the temper screw. When no more feed is possible the temper screw is run back and the rope reclamped 1.2 m higher up. During rope drilling no device is necessary to give a twist to the drilling tool between successive blows as the lay of the stranded rope causes the tool to twist slightly

ball mill|ball mills| wet & dry grinding | dove

The output materials will be feed to the processing and recovery machines. DOVE Ball Mills are deigned for either wet or dry grinding of materials, in various models, and in accordance to the processing and the crushing plant design, to cater to the liberation size of the minerals and the hardness of the ore

amit 135: lesson 5 crushingminingmill operator training

For sizes < 66cm, the circumference along the opening = 8-10 x Gape; For sizes > 66cm, the circumference = 6.5 x 7.5 x Gape. Mantle diameter to Gape = 1.3-1.7:10. Feed size= 0.9 x Gape; Angle of nip varies for large crusher between 21 °to 24 °. For curved surfaces, the nip varies from 27 ° to 30 °

raising methods in metal mines- copperminingindia (1980

In this method of blasting the central hole out of the total five blast holes should be of large dia., 150 mm or 165 mm but the corner holes may be of smaller dia, nearly 100 mm. Small holes however result in more deviation. Moreover it is more convement to drill all the holes of the same size once the drilling machine is set up at the site

sieve bend screen options of allsizes|flsmidth

Find efficiency and separation with all sizes of quality Sieve Bends. You demand efficiency, great fit, and superior screening, dewatering, classification and separation. You require Sieve Bends available in many sizes to ensure proper fit with your machine. You get this and …